Smart Class/ animation labs

smart Classes”, providing education better through presentations and videos. Student can learn better through visualization. All the students may not Understand the teaching methodology of a teacher, but can understand by Smart classes. This can be seen in case of movies, i.e. students remember Movies better than the lessons taught in classroom. This type of teaching Creates an attention and  interest in them . So e- learning is absolutely Better.

We have animation lab.It’s an innovative technology that aims to revolutionize the way teachers Teach and students learn in class. Obviously, this methodology has proved Beneficial for the students. Firstly, the curriculum is converted into animated Visuals which not only becomes an enjoyable experience for students but They can relate to and remember facts easily. For them, while learning In the classroom becomes a thrilling and exciting experience, at the end They find abstract and difficult concepts easy to comprehend thereby Enhancing their academic performance. Such teaching
helps to maintain the Student’s interest and focus by engaging them fully for the entire learning experience.

Computer studies as compulsory from class I on wards.