School Library provides resources to support instruction in a variety of academic subject.

Aside from collection of books and magazines, school library frequently includes computer and group study areas, professional research resources for teacher and other facilities. The school has well stocked library.
The library is being progressively stocked with suitable up to date books to provide healthy Reading.
Children will be issued books for reading during the library periods and same must be returned before leaving the library.
No books will be allowed to be taken home without the permission of the librarian. In such cases only book will be issued at a time for a week. Books should be returned in time other were fine of Rs.5.00 will be charged per day.
For books issued against a student name. Full cost and penalty will be realized for the loss of the book. Or disfigurement, scratching, scribbling. Drawing or tearing of the book.
Student should make use for the library books, but misuse may result in loss or right to get books from the library.
Library card will assured to every student and on loose of library cards there will be a fine Rs. 50/- for remarking of the card.