Dear Parents,

Hope you and your loved ones are keeping well! We understand that the last two years have been challenging for each one of us. The pandemic brought about several changes in the conduct of our professional as well as personal lives and that too globally.

No doubt, during the pandemic we came much closer to our loved ones but the adverse part is that we lost a few of them as well. Those we lost will always be in our hearts and an essential part of our prayers.

It is a known fact that the education industry underwent several changes during the pandemic. The conduct of online classes during the advent of the pandemic was one such feature.

APS ACADEMY over the years has always worked towards the benefit of students as well as the teachers. Keeping in view the pandemic situation CBSE remodelled its curriculum with remarkable changes in the examination pattern wherein the syllabus has been divided into 2 Terms.

The COVID-19 disruption majorly impacted school education, with school closures for 11 months impacting children across the globe, about half of the world’s student population. Board exams and professional exams were cancelled and school closures highlighted the importance of the digital divice, internet access and economic imbalances.

Our teachers and management went into overdrive in the pandemic year to mitigate these problems for our student body, mainly in two ways: firstly in the first week of pendemic we started sending videos, youtube links and some written content on whatsapp groups. upping teachers’ IT skills so they could deliver learning online.

immediately teachers began to used Zoom platforms to continue the teaching-learning process after the schools were closed from mid-March 2020. Teachers were given training sessions to use Zoom and Google classroom .

As teachers rose to the online teaching challenge with confidence and enthusiasm. To their great credit, and their never-say-die spirit, they rapidly learnt how to make their distance classes interesting and engaging for students through the use of various online Apps, such as Mentimeter, Padlet, Geogebra, Quizzes, Learning app, Word Wall, Kahoot, etc.

What was truly heartening – and you as parents experienced this – was that almost all school activities were sustained this year

if this pandemic year brought major challenges, it also had its silver linings. The most important of these was that children had to be taught the academic subject-matter in a very different, unconventional way, with far less emphasis on written work and on rote learning, and much more emphasis on independent learning by the children based on work set by teachers, which often involved research by the child. The expanded opportunities to speak this year made pupils more expressive and articulate. The help and engagement of parents at home also enhanced children’s learning and confidence, and increased the parent-school partnership.


Another major silver lining this year was the extended opportunity it afforded for reflection on how our educational approach needs to evolve to meet the changing needs of the time. and secondly through a greatly expanded and generous fee-concession regime that was responsive to the changed economic realities for many of our students’ families.